Windows Vista sound scheme

MD5: C710353CC3ED63C3A22D7234BA343A21
Information: website
Size: 6.34 MB
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License: Freeware

Upgrade your old sound scheme with the new Windows Vista sounds.
Including MSN / WLM messenger sounds.

51 Responses to “Windows Vista sound scheme”

  1. lol Says:

    does it work

  2. Rado Says:

    Sure it works ;)
    However you will have to manually set the sound scheme you want after the install.

  3. Arnab Says:

    I’m using these few sounds as the startup sound for my digital camera! Clever idea, And to show off a little…

  4. Scott Says:

    Installed and lost all windows sounds. Games and mp3’s, movies etc all work fine, but cannot hear any windows sounds. Checked out Control Panel > Sound & Audio Devices, but the “preview sound’ button is greyed out, so cannot select or preview any sounds. If I try to select the sound scheme from the drop down menu, it still doesn’t work. Uninstalling doesn’t help either, I still don’t have any sounds!!! :(

  5. Rado Says:

    Scott, I’m sorry to hear that. Are you sure it has something to do with this particular addon? It was downloaded hundreds of times and nobody reported a problem. When I tested it on VMware it was working properly, no issues whatsoever…

  6. Brian Says:

    Make sure you check the mute button in your sound properties. I just installed the vista sounds and somehow my mute button was checked on. I unchecked it and now my sounds are fine… Just thought I would let you know….

  7. Dan Says:

    This is really awesome! Now my friends will really think I have Windows Vista!

  8. DAvid Says:

    This sound scheme pack is excellent. I have windows xp and i have a windows vista theme, cursors and icons already on them! with the sound scheme aswell it tops on the icing of the cake and everyone thinks i have windows vista! thanks for this!!!

  9. matthewk Says:

    your rogepost link is down/broken. gigasize is working though. thanks, i like your site :)

  10. Rado Says:

    Check out the new DivShare mirror ;)

  11. Liam Says:

    Whats A .cab File?

  12. Rado Says:

    It’s archive file.

  13. James Says:

    Liam Says:

    July 22nd, 2007 at 2:32 am
    Whats A .cab File?


    Use WinRAR (a free program) to open this file and many others like zip and rar ;)

  14. James Says:

    It is Great!!!!!!!!!

  15. Wesmosis Says:

    I added your awesome addon but it didn’t become the default sound for my uaXP
    any idea how to make it the default sounds for my uA XPSP2?

  16. paul Says:

    Since the Vista really does not do much more than XP other than offer extra security (the other “improvements” are just glitz and tinsel) and if you have this sound scheme and also Vista type cursors that the fellow described above, then you got Vista!

  17. Astrix Says:

    Works awesome now the deal is to make the rest of the interface vista like any idea how to

  18. Kannadas Says:

    I totally backup the .wav files in C:\WINDOWS\MEDIA and installed this vista sound scheme…its works great…..thanks to people….

  19. Matthew Coburn Says:

    Great, I’m doing a DVD Version of XP, called XP Ultimate Edition, and I really needed this! Thanks so much!

  20. Somchai Says:

    Thank You ! That’s Work .

  21. TL Says:

    I like the start up sound from Vista Home Premium, that’s the one before the welcom screen. How do I get access to it. I’ve searched in the only windows media folder that I can find which is used for sound schemes. But the sound that I’m looking for isn’t there. Where do I find it????

  22. samudra Says:

    thanx a million for such a fantastic download

  23. akshay Says:

    will dis replace each n evry sound effect of my xp ??
    :D :P

  24. JaJaWa Says:

    This is Longhorn Beta sounds, not Vista!

  25. faurdanut Says:

    Hello, cas someone tell me how it’s working ? ? ?

    i install a fresh new copy of VISTA x64 and i sow that i download via Windows Update the Sound Scheme and wan’t to know how can i use this new stuff :D


  26. Anonymous Says:

    All you need to do if you want the vista sounds, instead of people ripping you off (sorry its a totally different subject, i think) just, if you have a computer running vista, go the the media folder of vista and copy all the sounds from it to a usb or a cd, thats what i’ve done and i have to do it again because i got a new computer, XP, and it worked fine!

  27. sadiee. Says:

    this is great. i love it. :D

  28. Hisham Says:

    The link in Divshare is not workin & our country closed the other site what can I do plz?

  29. investiGATOR Says:

    This is a bad example of amateur modding. here’s some reasons NOT to download this:
    1) It sound nothing like the default vista sound scheme
    2)It is an .exe file that runs without any control from the user - you aren’t even notified that it installed
    3)when you want to remove it it disables all default windows sounds (thank god for windows restore - otherwise I would have no sound scheme)
    All in all 0/10. Thanks for nothing.

  30. Rado Says:

    investiGATOR, this addon is intended for use with nLite in the process of creating a completely unattended Windows installation CD. That’s why the custom builded .msi installer doesn’t show any screens and just extracts the files instead.

  31. investiGATOR Says:

    I see Rado. Thanks for the info regarding the usage of the addon.
    Several comments point to more than one user not being aware of the usage of this addon and the nLite bootable Windows. For example: Liam july 22nd 2007 says “What’s a Cab file?”
    Surely somebody who is modifying Windows to run a customised bootable CD would know what the inner workings of the OS is. He’s not the only one. I came to this page from google, where there was no mention of nLite. There is also no mention of it on the download section and description….
    It still sounds nothing like Vista’s default sound scheme.
    OK because you said it was part of a bootable modification software i’m giving it 2/10. You should warn us!!


  32. Brad Says:

    Thanks to this stupid mod, I have lost all my default sound files… don’t try it..

  33. Dan Says:

    When I downloaded this file and installed it, the sounds don’t work. I checked the Sound Tab on Control Panel and I changed it to Vista Ultimate but it has some triangles with exclamation points. How come?

  34. screwup Says:

    Will screw up your defaults and break your driver associations.

  35. BlitZeD93 Says:

    Yep, seriously ruins your windows sound scheme. There is no way of restoring the sounds scheme that it broke. And if you uninstall it, you’re left with something more broken. Now i cant get back my default sounds, plus i dont have any vista-ish sounds. Great.

  36. BlitZeD93 Says:

    Hey people I have found a cure for this thing that breaks your sound scheme!
    For those that wish to revert to your XP sound scheme (feeling a little regret now eh), try this link
    and look for “6. Restore System Default Sounds”

    Note: Kellys-korner-xp is a really good site for xp fixes and tweaks that I’ve tried and tested. Do try out some of their other stuff!

  37. SpAM_CAN Says:

    This is Longhorn, which sounded like crap, and broke stuff. Good call BlitZeD93, you saved me from a horrible-sounding dea- I mean computer.

  38. T Says:

    Man this is sweet. Thanks dude!

  39. GolemdX Says:

    There are the Longhorn beta sounds, not at all what I wanted. The modification replaces all of your default sounds, and doesn’t even open a dialog once it’s finished. No. I’ll manually replace everything now.

  40. issan Says:

    ooh good it deleted my windows default theme. no idea how to get back but i hope system restore can do much

  41. spoiler Says:

    thx issan 4 the pre-warning,u just saved my windows theme from deletion!

  42. David Says:

    How to uninstall this?

  43. svennson Says:

    this will destroy windows sound scheme,tested by my….

  44. steveL Says:

    i dont do .exe files. i dont trust them, id rather manually install them, sorry i deleted it as soon as i opened it

  45. PK-JIN Says:

    Thanks for nothing. I’d rather just copy-paste the sounds with a flash drive from a Vista or Seven computer.

  46. dsconnct Says:

    Lost all my Avast sounds after I installed this!! Crap!

  47. Nguyen Ngoc Du Says:

    thanks I like your website

  48. idontknow Says:

    THIS IS JUST A CRAP, this will destroy your WINDOWS SOUND SCHEME.. TRUST ME!

  49. PeruvianUser Says:

    Hey… This DESTROYED my sound scheme: since I use a Spanish version of Windows 7, it replaced the names with English ones. Now the list sounds really odd. Had to recreate all that myself. It should have a confirmation dialog or something. DON’T OPEN THE .EXE FILE!!!

  50. Nice.:) Says:

    P.S works well on xp.did not destroy anything.:)

  51. WhatsAQuestion? Says:

    It’s a very nice sound scheme.
    I hate Windows 7 and XP and Vista’s orignial sounds.
    Thanks alot! :)

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