VSO Image Resizer

MD5: EDA9F864FDBB2F577355581EA67A10D2
Information: website
Size: 8.80 MB
MediaFire: Download
License: Freeware

The VSO free image resize software organizes your photos by changing their resolution or moving them within your hard drive. VSO Image resizer is the perfect tool for those who store their digital pictures and images on their PC and who want to resize, compress, convert, create copies, create thumbnails, import or organize photos. With this free resize image software, you can create e-mail friendly versions of your images, load them faster, move them easily from folder to folder, change their format, edit large numbers of image files/batch image resize and thus save space on your hard drive. Using high resolution 1600×1200 for creating wallpaper or file-sharing you can save your memory. VSO Image Resizer can also change file names using a template and you can add your own watermark with transparency support. VSO Image resizer is integrated into the Windows explorer shell, right click on your pictures and start working on your pictures!

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