Video Tutorials

HowTo: Integrate addons with nLite DivShare
MD5: 3281220388094F46A0D6734E957DF2A9
Size: 1.26 MB
Duration: 1:51
Description: learn how to integrate application addons with nLite.

HowTo: Unattended with nLite DivShare
MD5: 75E848018294E7318BB2500469B9C1B7
Size: 1.70 MB
Duration: 2:29
Description: learn how to make unattended installation with nLite. Insert key, create user account, set regional and language settings, resolution, network settings, select default visual style, etc.

HowTo: Patch Windows with nLite DivShare
MD5: C62846A8CB935CF7DF49D80A51432B99
Size: 0.38 MB
Duration: 0:24
Description: learn how to patch your Windows installation source files with nLite. Increase the maximum unfinished simultaneous connections to improve your p2p speeds; Enable unsigned themes support to be able to use any Visual Style you like; Disable Windows File Protection (SFC) to avoid problems removing windows components.

HowTo: Create addons with AutoIt DivShare
MD5: 7961C362E522936ECFE14A84E50314DE
Size: 21.47 MB
Duration: 12:04
Description: learn how to create addons for nLite with AutoIt scripts. Foobar 0.9.4 is used in this example. Commentary audio track in Bulgarian language. Best viewed @ 1280×1024.