TOP 300 Freeware software!


OpenOffice - office suite
PC Suite 602 - office suite
AbiWord - text editor
Atlantis Nova - text editor
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer - power point files viewer
Adobe Reader - pdf reader
Foxit PDF Reader - pdf reader
PDFCreator - create pdf documents
Doc Convertor - document convertor
Convert - unit convertor
Converber - unit convertor
Sunbird - calendar/organizer
EssentialPIM Free - calendar/organizer
PhraseExpress - speed up your writing
ATnotes - create notes on the desktop

Archive managers

7-Zip - compression program
IZArc - compression program
TugZIP - compression program
CabPack - compression program
Universal Extractor - extract files from any type of archive


Firefox - web browser
Internet Explorer- web browser
Maxthon - web browser
Opera - web browser
Avant Browser - web browser
Thunderbird - email client
PopTray - check for emails
Free Download Manager - download manager
FlashGet - download manager
WellGet - download manager
Download Master - download manager
WGET - commandline download manager
HTTrack - offline browser
WebReaper - offline browser
Yeah Reader - RSS reader
GreatNews - RSS reader
RSSOwl - RSS reader


µTorrent - torrent client
Azureus - torrent client
BitComet - torrent client
ABC - torrent client
BitTornado - torrent client
eMule - p2p client
SoulSeek - p2p client
Shareaza - p2p client
DC++ - Direct Connect network client
PeerGuardian - IP blocker


Miranda - chat client
MSN Messenger - chat client
Yahoo Messenger - chat client
QIP - chat client
Gaim - chat client
JAJC - chat client
HydraIRC - IRC client
Talkative IRC - IRC client
IceChat - IRC client
Skype - VOIP client
Google Talk - VOIP client
VoipStunt - VOIP client
Gizmo - VOIP client
Wengo - VOIP client


AVG Free - antivirus
Avast Home Free - antivirus
AntiVir PersonalEdition - antivirus
BitDefender Free - antivirus
ClamWin - antivirus
CyberDifender - Internet Security Suite
Ad-aware - anti-spyware
Spybot: Search & Destroy - anti-spyware
Windows Defender - anti-spyware
SpywareBlaster - anti-spyware
Spyware Terminator - anti-spyware
Tootkit Reveaker - rootkit detection utility
Winpooch - system protection
HiJack Free - system protection
HighJackThis - hijackers detector and remover
Kerio Personal Firewall - firewall
Sygate Personal Firewall - firewall
ZoneAlarm - firewall
AxCrypt - file encryption
Simple File Shredder - securely delete files
PuTTy - SSH client
KeePass - password manager
LockNote - password manager
nPassword - password manager
Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer - identify security misconfigurations


Hamachi - VPN client
RealVNC - remote control
UltraVNC - remote control
Ethereal - local area network administration
The Dude - network administration
Wireshark - network administration
Angry IP Scanner - IP scanner
IP-Tools - IP scanner
Free Port Scanner - IP scanner
NetMeter - network bandwidth monitoring


FileZilla - FTP client
FileZilla Server - FTP server
EFTP - FTP client/server
XAMPP - integrated server package of Apache, mySQL, PHP and Perl
WAMP - Apache, PHP5 and MySQL server


Foobar2000 - audio player
WinAmp - audio player
1by1 - audio player
JetAudio - audio player
XMPlay - audio player
Xion - audio player
Apollo - audio player
MediaMonkey - music organizer
The GodFather - music organizer
dBpowerAMP - audio converter
Audacity - audio converter
WavePad - audio converter
Kristal Audio Engine - audio editor
Exact Audio Copy - CD ripper
Audiograbber - CD ripper
CDex - CD ripper
Mp3 Tag Tools - tag editor
Mp3tag - tag editor
Taggin’ MP3 - tag editor
Monkey’s Audio - APE compressor/decompressor
mpTrim - mp3 editor
WavTrim - wave editor
EncSpot Basic - analyse mp3 files


Windows Media Player - audio/video player
VLC - video player
Media Player Classic - video player
MV2Player - video player
CrystalPlayer 1.95 - video player
Zoom Player - video player
GOM Player - video player
viPlay - video player
DSPlayer - video player
VirtualDub - video editor
CamStudio - video screen recording
AviSplit - Avi splitter
Video mp3 Extractor - rip audio from video files
Free iPod Converter - convert all popular video formats to iPod video
MediaPortal - turning your PCinto a Media Center
The FilmMachine


Gimp - image editor
PhotoFiltre - image editor - image editor
ArtRage - image editor
Artweaver - image editor
IrfanView - image viewer
Picasa - image viewer
XnView - image viewer
FastStone Image Viewer - image viewer
FuturixImager - image viewer
Easy Thumbnails - create thumbnails from images
JoJoThumb - create thumbnails from images
iWebAlbum - create web photo albums
JAlbum - create web photo albums
3D Box Shot Maker - design quality box shot
FastStone Capture - screen capture
WinSnap - screen capture


Blender3D - 3D renderer
3Delight Free - 3D renderer
SketchUp - 3D modeling
Maya Learning Edition - 3D modeling


AutoIt - task automation
SciTE4AutoIt3 - text editor for AutoIt
AutoHotkey - task automation
PHP Designer - PHP editor
Notepad++ - text editor
ConTEXT Editor - text editor
PSPad - text editor
FoxEditor - text editor
Crimson Editor - source code editor
Elfima Notepad - text editor
Notepad2 - text editor
Nvu - HTML editor
Alleycode - HTML editor
BlockNote - web page editor
Weaverslave - web page editor


DeepBurner - CD/DVD burner
CDBurner XP Pro - CD/DVD burner
BurnAtOnce - CD/DVD burner
Express Burn - CD/DVD burner
Zilla CD-DVD Rip’n’Burn - CD/DVD burner
ImgBurn - ISO, BIN burner
Daemon tools - virtual CD/DVD
DVD Decrypter - DVD ripper
DVD Shrink - DVD ripper
Nero CD-DVD Speed - CD/DVD info and quality test


GSpot - codec information
AC3Filter - audio codec
Xvid - video codec
QuickTime Alternative - video codec
Real Alternative - video codec
K-Lite Codec Pack - all codecs

System Ulilities

CCleaner - system cleaner
xp-AntiSpy - OS setup
jv16 Powertools - system utilities
XP SysPad - system monitoring utility
What’s Running - process guard
Registrar Lite - registry editor
WinIPConfig - replacement for “ipconfig.exe” and “route.exe”
Unlocker - file eraser
Eraser - secure file eraser
Undelete Plus - file recovery
freeCommander - file manager
ExplorerXP - file manager
Duplicate File Finder - find all duplicate files
Ant Renamer - file renaming
ReNamer - file renaming
Icons From File - icos extractor
Chaos MD5 - MD5 generator
HashTab - MD5, SHA1 and CRC-32 file hashes
Rainlendar Lite - desktop calendar
Weather Watcher - weather firecast
Subtitle Workshop - subtitles editor
Ant Movie Catalog - movie organizer
Disclib - CD organizer
Dexpot - virtual desktops
DriveImage XML - create partition images
MozBackup - backup and restore bookmarks, etc.
SyncBack - system backup
Atomic Cock Sync - syncronize your clock
Citrus Alarm Clock - alarm clock
TaskSwitchXP - Alt-Tab replacement
Launchy - application launcher
allSnap - make all windows snap
Sysinternals Tools - various system tools
StrokeIt - mouse gestures
Net Profiles - create profiles of your network settings
ResourceHacker - view, modify, rename, add, delete
Java Runtime Environment - java for Windows

UI Enhancements

RocketDock - application launcher
AveDesk - desktop enhancer
IconPhile - customize windows’s system icons
CursorXP Free - change mouse cursors
MacSound - volume control
LClock - Windows Longhorn clock
Y’z Dock - application launcher
Y’z Shadow - shadow effect to the windows
Y’z Toolbar - change the toolbar icons in Explorer and Internet Explorer
Taskbar Shuffle - rearrange the programs on the taskbar by dragging
Visual Task Tips - thumbnail preview image for each task in the taskbar
Badges - put badges on any folder or file
Folderico - change icons of the folders
Folder Marker - mark your folders
Folder2MyPC - add favourite locations to My Computer
Microsoft TweakUI - system settings
BricoPacks - shell packs
ShellPacks - shell packs
Tango Shell Patcher - shell patcher
XPize - GUI enhancer
Vista Transformation Pack - complete visual style
Vista Sound Scheme - Windows Vista sound scheme
Royale Theme - visual style

Hardware monitoring/Benchmarking

CPU-Z - cpu information
CrystalCPUID - cpu information
Central Brain Identifier - cpu information
Everest - system information
SiSoft Sandra - system information
SpeedFan - hardware monitor
Memtest86 - memory test
PowerMax - HDD test
3Dmark 06 - 3D game performance benchmark
Aquamark - performance benchmark
rthdribl - 3D benchmark
Fraps - 3D benchmark, fps viewer and screen recorder
Prime 95 - cpu benchmarking
SuperPI - cpu benchmarking
CPU Rightmark - cpu overclock
Core Temp - cpu temperature
ATiTool - video overclock
ATI Tray Tools - Radeon tweaker
aTuner - GeForce and Radeontweaker
RivaTuner - video overclock
Nokia Monitor Test - monitor adjustmets
UDPixel - fix dead pixels


123 Free Solitaire - solitaire games collection
Arcade Pack - classic arcade games
Live For Speed - online racing simulator
Enigma - puzzle game
Freeciv - multiplayer strategy game
Tux Racer - race down steep, snow-covered mountains


SpeQ Mathematics - mathematics program
Dia - diagram creation program
Google Earth - explore the world
NASA World Wind - 3D virtual globe
Celestia - explore the space
Stellarium - planetarium


nLite - Build your own custom Windows disk.
VirtualPC - create virtual machines
grabMotion - webcam capture
iDailyDiary - simple page-for-a-day diary
Pivot Stickfigure Animator - create stick-figure animations
Wink - create presentations
Scribus - professional page layout
FreeMind - midn mapping software
Windows Live Writer - WYSIWYG blog authoring


Michael Swanson - 1920 x 1200; 1600 x 1200; amazing wallpapers
Mikhail Arkhipov - 1920 x 1200; 1600 x 1200; amazing wallpapers

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188 Responses to “TOP 300 Freeware software!”

  1. Craig Dorn’s Cyberia » Freeware Collection Says:

    […] […]

  2. Neil Says:

    I’m pretty certain that WireShark is the new name for Ethereal :)

  3. Morgs Says:

    What about Wings3d for 3d!?

  4. BillyG Says:

    Thank you for the categorizations! Very nice list.

  5. Dave Swaney Says:

    Not only is iTunes left off this, but the Mihov’s Image Resizer, which can bulk convert your pictures to different formats or sizes/filesizes. Look for it through Google. It rokxs.

  6. Tim Says:

    A couple of good ones left off:

    Synergy: IP Keyboard Mouse sharing between two computers
    Comodo Firewall: Prob the best free one out there

  7. daddo Says:

    Comodo offers pretty good personal firewall…

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  9. tb Says:

    what about SababaDC ?
    best and fastest p2p software.
    open source.

  10. Jake Says:

    The 2nd last link needs a patch

  11. Cormac Says:

    That’s a nice list

  12. neogen Says:

    Please add 0irc from to your free chat program list. This is a very small irc client for windows.

    Cheers, neogen

  13. Gerfried Ranner Says:

    Good job! Thank you!
    Just want to add: The best encryption tool for discs and files (Open Source) for your security section:

  14. asdf Says:


  15. Kant Says:

    Not bad, but you miss a lot of things like
    in the “Games” part : think about Battle for Wesnoth, one of amazingest os game…

  16. Smegzor Says:

    Under security you missed two of my favourites..
    TrueCrypt and Password Safe

  17. Sean Says:

    Great list, but LockNote isn’t just a password manager. You can use it for storing and encrypting any text. It’s like Windows Notepad with built in encryption.

  18. Tamil Says:

    jv16 Powertools is a shareware. You can get last freeware version from

  19. winAddons, 300 utilidades gratuitas para Windows Says:

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  21. blisse Says:


  22. Greg Says:

    Check out musikCube … you may want to add it to your audio section…. its pretty lightweight and powerful

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  24. Richard Carter Says:

    Audio Codecs

    FLAC -

  25. Sergey Says:

    I think that Snapfire ( can be added as an Image viewer

  26. Michael Flessas Says:

    Good list. Just think, nearly ALL that free software may have its “Web 2.0″ (ugh, what a phrase) equivalent one day. Some do already.

  27. IndianPad Says:

    TOP 300 Freeware Software For Windows - Download It Here

    TOP 300 Freeware Software For Windows - Download It Here posted at

  28. 300 aplicaciones gratuitas para Windows en s0y l0 pe0r! Says:

    […] Para los que usamos Windows y nos gusta, y para los que hablan como Linux fuera el único sistema donde se pueden hacer muchas cosas con programas gratuitos… aquí tenéis una lista con 300 programas gratuitos (la lista está en inglés, pero muchos de los programas tienen idioma español entre sus opciones). […]

  29. Danpa’s Site - » 300 free software packages Says:

    […]  […]

  30. y0himba Says:

    You might want to fix the “Atomic CLOCK” listing ;)

  31. Mumpf Says:

    Great list! I found a good image viewer.

    Can you add WinSCP ( to Servers?

    Thanx and greetings

  32. WebGyver Says:


    Huey is missing:

    Huey is a freeware HTML colour generator that converts RGB values to Hex and from Hex back to RGB. Or pick directly from any part of the screen with the Colour Pipette feature.

    And no, they’re not paying me to advertise their freeware.

    Keep up the great work!

  33. David Soto Says:

    Everest is not a FreeWare software

  34. » Blog Archive » 300 utility per windows Says:

    […] 300 utility per windows Gennaio 8th, 2007 by alex In  winAddons pubblicano una lista di piu di 300 utility con codice aperto per windows,organizzata per categorie,come utility per manutenzione,rete,internet,compressione,p2p,chat,ecc…,e ogni software si trova il link dove scaricare il software. Nella sezione Deskmod  si trovano molte utility molto utili per trasformare un po il vostro sistema,e alla fine incontrerete la sezione sfondi con sfondi molto belli come questo del blog di Michael Swanson. […]

  35. Mp. Burpsicle Pop Says:

    Lupas Rename 2000 for file renaming is a good freeware program:

    I’ve used it for years.

  36. D Says:

    How about frhed ( hex editor under development, gnu core utils ( for utility type searching, cygwin for shell utils (

  37. ByteMe » Blog-arkiv » Top 300 over gratis software Says:

    […] De har nemlig kompileret en liste over de 300 bedste freeware-programmer til Windows. […]

  38. wvpv Says:

    Filzip is a good file compression utility —

  39. O Fim da Várzea » Se Leonardo dá 20, por que eu não posso dar duas? Says:

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  40. mark Says:

    Nice list but crappy layout & uselessly short & vague descriptions.

    Should have hyperlinks of all categories at top of page.

    To take one application I know well,
    “Ethereal - local area network administration = Wireshark - network administration”
    - this is a dismal description. It should say ethernet packet capture and decode.


  41. Freeware | Open Switch Says:

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  42. mingwei Says:

    IE is a good software for free?? Just a joke??

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  45. mario Says:

    Ahem. Did you know, that neither Internet Explorer nor Media Player are Freeware for real? Both legally require a non-expired Windows license, which is still 90USD minimum.

  46. J. Cornish Says:

    Another free program to add to Education or Games. Orbiter, a completely free Spaceflight Simulator by Dr. Martin Schweiger of the UK.

    ORBITER is a free flight simulator that goes beyond the confines of Earth’s atmosphere. Launch the Space Shuttle from Kennedy Space Center to deploy a satellite, rendezvous with the International Space Station or take the futuristic Delta-glider for a tour through the solar system - the choice is yours.
    But make no mistake - ORBITER is not a space shooter. The emphasis is firmly on realism, and the learning curve can be steep. Be prepared to invest some time and effort to brush up on your orbital mechanics background.

  47. henk Says:

    There is still another and also a good browser:


    Iam working for more than 6 years and it is ok.

  48. M Says:

    Check out this two-pane outliner, similar to keynotes and freemind:

  49. craig Says:

    I also found another network app you might list.

    It is called CrossLoop.

    It claims to be easier than most.

    Information on it:

  50. Charlie’s path to dEAth » links for 2007-01-09 Says:

    […] TOP 300 Freeware software! (tags: free 软件 tools) […]

  51. Aaron Says:

    I am looking for a freeware utility that compares two xml files by attributes and elements instead of line by line. Has anyone used one that can do this?

  52. Blog de Notas » Blog Archive » 300 utilidades gratis para Windows Says:

    […] En Winaddons está publicada una lista con 300 programas de licencia libre para que no se tengan mas excusas y así poderse quitar el parche del ojo. Están organizados por categorías (Office, Internet, Chat, Seguridad, etc) y con los links correspondientes a sus paginas oficiales. Vale aclarar para aquel que nunca los experimento que muchos de éstos programas suelen ser mejores a los pagos. Un lugar muy recomendable para estar libres de pecados (o practicar algún tipo de religión open source). […]

  53. jg Says:

    You forgot ZCubes! It needs a category of its own! Check it out:

  54. TecnoZona - El lado tecnológico de Zonareggaeton » winAddons, 300 utilidades gratuitas para Windows Says:

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  56. Rado Says:

    Thanks everyone, I’m really glad you like this Top 300 and I’m looking forward for any suggestions and tips on how to improve it even more.

  57. 比特酋长 - Matrix » links for 2007-01-11 Says:

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  58. Joe Says:

    I think that Temptation Blocker should be up there. Helps me a LOT!

  59. CJ Says:

    This is really nice work! Thumbs up!

    But you lack a a few of the very best, in the security category, f.ex :

    Active Virus Shield: Antivirus:

    Avira Personal Classic : AntiVirus:

    Comodo : Firewall:

    Goldtach: Firewall:

    Cactus: Spamfilter:

    SAS: AntiSpyware:

    SpywareBlaster: Spyware prevention:

    SpywareGuard: Spyware prevention:

    Active Virus Shield is actually powered by “Kaspersky Antivirus” which is the best AntiVirus on the market.

    Comodo Firewall, stomps the competition too. Wins allmost every test.

    You might want to delete Sygate Firewall from the list. It’s been taken over by symantec and it is not updated anymore.


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  62. dark Says:

    thanks for all software ;)

  63. Pligg Says:

    Top 300 Kostenlose Software

    Kostenlose Software oder sogenannte Freeware Software gibt es ohne Ende und deshalb ist es gar nicht einfach die Spreu vom Weizen zu trennen. In diesem Blog gibt es eine gute Auflistung der Top 300 Programme, wobei so ziemlich alle Bereiche wie Audio, …

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  65. Andrew Phillips Says:

    Don’t forget KeyPass for the password category, it’s an open source password organizer and works well too.

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  68. Says:

    300 APPS gratis per a Windows

    Es tracta d’una llista on recopilen 300 aplicacions gratuïtes per a Windows disponibles per a descarregar. No a les patents de software!!

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  71. Michael Flessas Says:

    Wicked good list

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  73. Gabor Says:

    Everest is no longer freeware :(

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  77. Dean Berline Says:

    Looking for some freeware that will do pdf ripping into some basic format like word. I need to be able to ZOOM to larger scale, print and preferably save, though saving isn’t a must. I don’t need it often so am not willing to pay the asking price of some of the programs. There is probably something out there, I just don’t know where. I haven’t been able to locate it. Might be a good one to add to the list and make it 301 of the best.

  78. salute :: TOP 300 Freeware :: Januar :: 2007 Says:

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  79. m.m. Press Says:

    Top 300 Free Software

    最近國外 WinAddons 整理出一份免費軟體的資源表
    300 種當中我只用過了 48 種 差真多 Orz

  80. Listado de las 300 mejores aplicaciones “freeware” Gratis!! « Says:

    […] Para los usuarios de Windows. Este “website” provee un listado de las mejores aplicaciones “Freeware”. Es increible ver como hay tantas aplicaciones que muchas veces necesitamos y no utilizamos porque tenemos que comprarlas y son un poco caras para nuestro bolsillo. El listado esta divivido en varias secciones entre las que se encuentran aplicaciones para la oficina, internet, Chat, seguridad, network etc…read more | digg story […]

  81. Vern Says:

    Great list! I use TRILLIAN as a chat - can monitor many pop mail accounts and works better than using gmail notifier since that conflicts with my logging into google analytics and other google webmaster tools. :)

  82. Zoran Dojkic Says:

    Dobar izbor programa. Mada nije kompletan. Pozdravljam sve koji znaju nas jezik.

  83. Michelín Says:

    Muy bueno. Creo que en la categoría Servers faltó AppSever que es un paquete que integra PHP+MySQL+Apache además de phpMyAdmin.

  84. Jesus Says:

    Hi, I suggest to consider add AutoQ3D Community as a free, light 3D Modeling Editor in your 3D sections. Thanks

  85. Odelay’s Space :: Recuperando links antiguos (4) :: January :: 2007 Says:

    […] Visité otra lista más con 300 programas totalmente gratuitos para Windows. […]

  86. Windows XP Server Says:

    There is also the Web-Developer Server Suite, under the Server category.

  87. vlasta Says:

    RealWorld Icon editor - a free Windows cursor maker for .cur and .ani files and simple image editor

  88. barbarica Says:

    Nella zona security aggiungerei OpenSSL:
    implementazione open source dei protocolli SSL e TLS per la certificazione e la comunicazione cifrata.


  89. Dinker Rao Says:

    Excellent site for a newbie like me !

  90. zineey Says:

    Thanks !

  91. pawel Says:

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    it’s the best video player ever

  92. Claudiu Spulber Says:

    Would want to suggest doPDF ( ) to the list of Office programs (this one doesn’t use ghostscript as pdfcreator does, so no additional downloads required).

  93. gamuron Says:

    For browsers, I would add offbyone (
    It’s is not good to use as main browser (maybe not even as 2nd choice) but it has it’s uses if you want to limit the resources that you’re using - I often have firefox (main browser) and offbyone to access some sites that do work with it, freeing more memory to other uses.

    From the site:
    * Implements full HTML 3.2 support plus many HTML 4.0 extensions, including Frames.
    * Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) support provided by optional OpenSSL libraries for secure navigation to https:// addresses.
    * Incorporates a tabbed browsing interface.
    * Extras include image animation, WAV and AVI playback and the ability to automatically launch external applications for file types that are not supported internally.
    * Packaged in one self-contained 1.2 MB application. Can be compressed down to about 460KB for distribution.
    * Completely self-contained, does not require the presence of any other browser.
    * Does not require any installation, browser can be run directly from a CD or over a network.
    * Has a unique Find-In-Files feature that can search the non-tag text of multiple HTML files.
    * Has a unique image zoom option.
    Off By One Browser Limitations
    * No JavaScript support (so no pop-up ad windows).
    * No applet, plug-in or Flash support.

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