The worst woman driver ever

Watched this video 5 min ago and I’m still laughing :D
Check it out… well, at least she is alive. God knows what could happen on the road.

9 Responses to “The worst woman driver ever”

  1. tavo Says:

    no mames.

  2. Benn Says:

    arf…she wanted to kill her husband….
    next time lady! ;)

  3. mr.andy Says:

    how stupid you have to bee! normaly the police have to take the licence away for the whole life!!!!


  4. Alo Bukhara Says:

    hahhaaa wtf
    iv nothing elso to say

  5. funny man Says:

    And women get cheaper insurance for what?

  6. Broken Says:

    What a dumbass cunt…lmfao

  7. callme Says:

    she will ride kids 3 wheel bike whole life

  8. AARYAN Says:

    wtf was that?
    Man I can’t stop laughing!!!

  9. Somebody Says:

    Someone oughta put her outta her misery and shoot her already! lol

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