Tango Patcher 7.08.2

MD5: 2A8FDCC5201C9748893CA17B7F622B4C
Information: website
Size: 3.28 MB
SkyDrive: Download
License: Freeware

The Tango Shell Patcher is a mostly self-explanatory graphical wizard designed to make integrating the Tango icon set into your system files as easy as installing any other piece of software. Likewise, it includes a reloader to re-Tangofy your system files if necessary, and an uninstaller to restore them to their original state. It is designed to work on all language versions and 32-bit editions of Windows XP and Server 2003.

Tango Patcher November 2006

8 Responses to “Tango Patcher 7.08.2”

  1. Joffer Says:

    Using RVMIntegrator 1.4.3 and these packages my installation hangs after the initial setup is done (during the reboot before RunOnceEx is ran):

    ProgramAddons Opera 9.25 Build 8827.cab
    ProgramAddons SoftPerfect Network Scanner 3.6.cab
    ProgramAddons Tango Patcher 7.08.2.cab
    ProgramAddons The Dude 2.2.cab

    If I remove the Tango Patcher it works fine. I think there might be some trouble with the addon?


  2. Rado Says:

    I’m sorry to hear that, Joffer :(
    The Tango Patcher is installing just fine in VMware Machine (I’m using nLite though).

  3. max Says:

    Hello, a question, how i can modify the cab to install the industrial o tangerine icon? Which command i must add for it?

  4. Rado Says:

    Max, once installed, check the help file inside the Program Files folder for all command line parameters ;)

  5. max Says:

    Thank you very much.

  6. Keith Says:

    I have the Tango Patcher (and the app patcher) installed on my machine and cannot uninstall it. I’ve used the supplied uninstall app, which gives a list of items it says are being reverted, but it doesn’t actaully revert these to the standard XP icons. I have restarted the machine as suggested but this doesn’t make any difference.
    Is there anything else I can do to successfully uninstall the application?

  7. Praveen Says:

    Now i have Customized my Xp Appearance.It looks Good.

  8. google Says:

    i have same problem as Keith.
    can anyone help

    thanx in advance————

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