Simple File Shredder 3.2

MD5: FB6EDCF2B4F6623606B059AC487277A0
Information: website
Size: 1.38 MB Download
GigaSize: Download
License: Freeware

Simple File Shredder is a utility that securely deletes your files so they can’t be restored using recovery software.
When you delete a file using the conventional Windows delete method, the file is not actually destroyed. Windows simply acknowledges the file is no longer needed and considers it free space. The deleted file will exist in a recoverable state until it’s over-written with other data.
When you use Simple File Shredder to shred a file, the file is over-written with with random bytes before it’s deleted. If the file was ever restored using recovery software, it would be worthless. Simple File Shredder can also shred free space on multiple drives to securely remove files already deleted through Windows.

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