ShellPacks Collection

These ShellPacks will entirely change the appearance of your Windows XP.

Snow E2 Edition Universal Shell Pack
MD5: 8FBBC9890CB4E687124187546FB0CEF3
Information: website
Size: 12.37 MB
RogePost: Download
GigaSize: Download

d3A XP Universal Shell Pack
MD5: 6F251B38BD835DDC1C32D6A0A6DDFB8A
Information: website
Size: 10.31 MB
RogePost: Download
GigaSize: Download

KidsXP Universal Shell Pack
MD5: 593DC75F604AC716545214ABF3CC2740
Information: website
Size: 17.67 MB
RogePost: Download
GigaSize: Download

Gant2 Ocean Universal Shell Pack
MD5: F96C04279285C0517DA347E1FDBE4E5D
Information: website
Size: 31.00 MB
GigaSize: Download

Nuvola Universal Shell Pack
MD5: 042318F179EFD537683067B1136184F3
Information: website
Size: 15.93 MB Download
License: Freeware

14 Responses to “ShellPacks Collection”

  1. brian Says:

    do you have more addons shell please vista and ferrari

  2. Rado Says:

    Try BricoPack Vista Inspirat 1.1 (use the search above) for Vista shell pack.
    Unfortunately there is no Ferrari pack.

  3. Adadu Says:

    how can i slipstream this into a windows kit? and can you make a shellpack to vista inspirat 2.1 please?

  4. Rado Says:

    Adadu, check the nLite Tutorial and you will understand how to integrate addons into your Windows installation CD. The newest version of Vista Inspirat has something wrong and I was unable to create addon for it.

  5. Adadu Says:

    Finnaly i was able to do that, but i still need your help. Directy me please to a topic, tutorial, forum, so i can integrate a boot skin. I really hate original bootskin from windows, it’s so ugly!!

  6. Rado Says:

    Great! See here for the boot screen hack: ;)

  7. Adadu Says:

    Thanks, but i allready try that. In the end I will succed to manage this problem. There is kind of complicate, I have to rename some DLL’s, to move it somewhere else and the pain keep go on… :D Can you recomand me a program to view pictures? I mean on this site. Like Nero Photo Snap.

  8. Rado Says:

    XnView is my favorite, you can find the latest version here: :)

  9. Adadu Says:

    Thanks for your kindnes! I just wondering, there is a shell pack with other booskin that the clasic one? Kind of vista inspirat but with a specific bootskin.

  10. Rado Says:

    The Tango Patcher has a slightly different bootskin:
    See if you like it :)

  11. Adadu Says:

    My friend, it seems you exceeded your limit at DivShare. Can you provide me another link where I can download it? There is another solution if you are so kind…. can you send the shell pack to my mail? Please?

  12. Adadu Says:

    It’s embarasing for me because I’m don’t have the possibility to edit my messages. Another wish: there you have a lot of stuff who can make an XP to look exactly like vista. I hope you can make a .cab for allmost everything from that site. I’ll be very happy if you can do that on:Vista Drive Icon and WinFlip (it’s amazing!!). Thank you and sorry if I’m annoyng. I hope I’m not getting another ideas in the meen time :mml:

  13. Rado Says:

    There will be new download mirrors next week. Emailing addons is out of question. I’m not comfortable with publishing applications that were not tested for malware on major software sites. I will try those applications but I can’t promise anything ;)

  14. Adadu Says:

    Thanks. I’ll wait.

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