Royal Noir v1.46 released!

The secret Royal Noir theme got updated to version 1.46!
You have 3 color schemes to choose from: Royale, Royale Noir and Royale Zune.
License: Freeware

Download from
: RogePostRapidShare, or GigaSize

Check out some screenshots (click to enlarge):




Nice job Microsoft!

27 Responses to “Royal Noir v1.46 released!”

  1. Motorcycle Guy Says:

    Awesome looks good!

  2. Abe Says:

    Thanks for the downloads.

  3. rod Says:

    Looks great!
    I like RoyaleNoir

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    […] Re: En Sevdiiniz Xp Temalarn Grelim !!! Royal Noir v1.46 released! Royale Remixed Theme v1.46 […]

  5. pfff Says:

    does not work, completely screws up my themes, ….

  6. Rado Says:

    It’s working fine here.

  7. Jinko Says:

    Can you please change the “Royale Noir (Black)” ’s start button to green like the “Royal Noir (Blue)” ’s but not as Bright? That would be awesome.

  8. Jinko Says:

    So something like this:


  9. Aniphx Says:

    If this screws up your themes, it might be because you have to uninstall any previous Royale themes you may have had before due to the file sharing the same name. That’s what had to be done when Noir first came out. Just a thought…

  10. Mr.Chen - FOSHAN Says:

    Can not run ! How to use ? OS is XP SP2 !

  11. Chancho Says:

    Royale Noir isn’t completed it’s just the same bogus one microsoft never wanted to release.

  12. random Says:


    If you can’t upload it, try using ‘winrar’ to open it, its like ‘winzip’, but for rara files, not zip files. ;) check it out.

  13. Richard Says:

    When I reboot themes goes back to windows classic…can’t delete luna msstyles

  14. This is trouble... Says:

    All i get are windows aero cursors…
    And a messed up media center 06 theme.

    Thanks for the cursors though!

  15. Owen Says:

    U need a patched UXtheme.dll file to get it to work. I have, and it looks awesome.

  16. Bandit Says:

    This works fine. You complainers are probably installing it incorrectly.

    Step 1: download the file royal_noir.rar

    Step 2: download or make sure you have winrar installed. if you do skip to step 3 (if not get it from search for winrar)

    Step 3: double click on royal_noir.rar it will open in winrar. simply copy files and paste them into c:/windows/resources/themes

    Step 4: once you paste them, double click on the luna.msstyles file.
    (this will open the appearence windows. Simply choose royal_noir and your good to go!


  17. Vikram Says:

    very good i mean its beutiful on my laptop espesialy zune

  18. dantus88 Says:

    Great syle. Zune and Noir are great skins i alternate between often.

  19. doggie Says:

    What’s the difference between Royale Noir and Royale Zune…in the pictures they appear identical?

  20. dante Says:

    Great answer bandit.

    For all those having trouble with the theme resetting when you turn your computer off. ‘Swerve’ a total legend in my book has the answer. First off make sure you save the files to your hard drive not just open. Then follow bandits instructions to the letter, but after double clicking on ‘luna.msstyles file’ click ’save as’ this is BEFORE you click apply.

  21. Vijay Sai Says:

    you should have patched uxtheme.dll file after patching it will work just as fine

  22. Niky Says:

    I have done everything that Bandit has said and it still comes up with “The visual styles could not be applied. The service did not respond to start or control request in a timely fashion.”

    I’m not exactly slow with computers, I just cant get this thing to work… help?

  23. Phenomenom Says:

    I can’t use theme with custom wallpaper :( …anyways how can i uninstall it? :S

  24. Dave Says:

    I have exact same problem as Phenomenom, I can’t use these color schemes with other wallpapers :( sb plz help?

  25. Dar Nee Says:

    Can you please tell me the name of theme used in the demonstration video of Hot to integrate addons with nlite.

  26. Rado Says:

    As far as I remember it was Luna Element 4 Black ;)

  27. Dar Nee Says:

    Hey thanks for the quick reply. Frankly I didn’t expect one this fast. Yes you are right the theme is indeed Luna Element 4 Black. Just downloaded it and got it working after patching uxtheme.dll.

    Thanks once again!!!

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