PingPlotter Free 1.20

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License: Freeware

PingPlotter Freeware is a high performance, low-overhead traceroute application. It allows you to quickly “trace” the route between you and a target of your choice (a web site, Voice over IP provider, online game server, or similar target), and then continue to collect performance metrics about that route. Packet loss and latency numbers are available within seconds, and the results are displayed in a graphical format, in addition to text values. This allows you to quickly see if the final destination is performing as you expect, and if it’s not, you can see which hop is causing the problems. Once you find a problem, you can copy the text or image you’ve collected to your clipboard, and then paste it into an email to report the problem to someone who can help you solve it.

PingPlotter Free

3 Responses to “PingPlotter Free 1.20”

  1. Joseph Levin Says:

    This is truly great! I finally found a good pingplotter that works fine under Vista! Thank you for the link thi this fine piece of software!

  2. sparky Says:

    Hey, when installing the XP Setup ‘hangs’ on the opening screen of PingPlotter. I can click the shutdown ‘X’ and XP setup continues fine. PP is installed correctly other than this oddity during the XP setup.

  3. Rado Says:

    Hm, that’s strange. I tested it again and it’s installing fine in VMware Workstation

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