MV2Player 07 RC2

MD5: AA2BE18410382999A3C1E0FE57E954EB
Information: website
Size: 1.29 MB Download
GigaSize: Download
License: Freeware

Mv2 player is freeware multimedia player for Windows, with tons of usefull features.

- Inteligent subtitles detecting/loading
- Lots of multimedia, skins and subtitles formats supported
- Easy to use for begginers, and lot of settings for advanced users
- Fast keyboard control
- Unique comix and history feature
- Small and free

3 Responses to “MV2Player 07 RC2”

  1. riste velkov Says:

    this is o.k.

  2. Крис Says:

    Не става за гледане на DVD, иначе става за всичко останало.

  3. Vancho Says:

    I have two laptop computers with Windows XP. After installing the MV2player on the second I have problems with the picture it is with arrows, snow. With the other programs as VLC such problem does not exist.

    What should i do about that?


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