K-Meleon 1.5.4

MD5: 0D3098CDF026917E0A094CD504A8D07C
Information: website
Size: 5.89 MB
SkyDrive: Download
License: Freeware

K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser for the Win32 (Windows) platform based on the Gecko layout engine (the rendering engine of Mozilla).

- Tabbed Browsing
- Mouse Gestures
- Block Popup Windows
- Fast Load Time
- Easy Web Searching
- Themes & Skins

K-Meleon 1.5.4

3 Responses to “K-Meleon 1.5.4”

  1. Slipstreamer Says:

    Can you update for K-Meleon 1.6.0?

  2. Rado Says:

    Isn’t 1.6.0 still a beta version?

  3. Slipstreamer Says:

    Yes, it is. I use it daily although my user agent wouldn’t reveal it. The browser doesn’t have any major bugs. The beta is a fully functional release. Some developers perpetually name their releases beta as they don’t want the product to become a commercial product. This appears to be the case for K-Meleon. The releases are so far between we could be waiting for the final of 1.6.x this time next year.

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