Internet Explorer 7.0

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License: Freeware

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 continues the Internet Explorer commitment to provide enhanced security and privacy, additional browser features, and enhanced usability for platform developers.

11 Responses to “Internet Explorer 7.0”

  1. clever bob Says:

    better than IE6 (so get it if u must use internet explorer), but still not as good as either firefox OR opera.

  2. wmirtle Says:

    will integrating this add-on in my UA XP require a restart on first log-in or not? does anyone see any problems with this addon? tnx!

  3. Rado Says:

    Works just fine here ;)

  4. domingo Says:

    can i use this on Win 2003 server standard? i know its a stupid question. and i know there’s a separate IE7 installer for it. maybe someone has tried this…

    but is it true that you must integrate IE7 after everything? where do i do that exactly? currently my last integration is BTS Driverpacks. would that cause any problems? thank you.

  5. Rado Says:

    Domingo, I think you should download the IE7 installer for Win2003 and splitstream it directly with nLite. Most probably this addon won’t work for you.

  6. domingo Says:

    Thanks Rado, re my other questions: I encountered a forum conversation about IE7 should be integrated last AFTER everything else, though I cant seem to find it again. Is that true? (im assuming right before BTS?) Thanks!

  7. Rado Says:

    Last time I integrated IE7 first and it’s working OK ;)

  8. Zafar Iqbal Says:

    Can I integrate IE 7.0 and WMP 11.0 on Non genine windows XP or non genuine Windows Server 2003 Enterprise CD througn nLine?

  9. Rado Says:

    No, it won’t work.

  10. James Says:

    any for windows 2000? ;)

  11. Thomas Says:

    Is it possible to integrate the english version of IE7 into a german Windows XP?

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