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License: Open Source

FoxEditor - it’s a plain text editor for WindowsXP, based on SynEdit engine.

* Multi-interfaced (SDI or MDI);
* Syntax highlight for many popular formats (html, pascal, c++…)
* Limited support Unicode (ansi compatible symbols only) and UTF8;
* Running external programs (compilers) and capture console output;
* Save cursor position for opened files;
* Fast swith between text and HTML view;
* Support all encodings, installed in system;
* Support Windows/UNIX/Mac file formats;
* Fast comment/decomment string (press Ctrl+/);
* Search with regular expressions;
* Individual settings, autocomplete (CTRL+J) and run program for each file type;
* Highlight hyperlinks (press CTRL+ALT);
* Extended open/save dialogs (with preview and list of favorite folders);
* Easy copy highligted text in any RTF/HTML editor;
* Export to RTF/HTML formats;
* Special mode for comfortable reading (ReadMode);
* Fast access for favorite documents and folders;
* Convert BIN/OCT/DEC/HEX values;
* Support many cryptographic algorithms (DES, IDEA, RC4…);
* Multilanguage interface;

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