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Are you ready to transform and customize your desktop or laptop computer interface to a style that fits your personality? As we all know, Windows comes with very few style choices out of the box, but that’s OK. Using downloadable Windows themes is a great and safe way to make your version of Microsoft Windows looks the way you want, instead of the way Microsoft thinks it should look. You can change the entire look of your computer, including the background, the tool bar, the various windows, icons, and more all at once with a simple download.

Many Windows users are apprehensive about downloading and using one of the various themes available for fear of causing errors, or getting a virus, or spyware. To avoid these types of problems, you should only download themes, icon packages, etc. from a site that only offers themes from people who use the same themes on their own computer. These ‘DIY’ designers are very talented and create some very nice visual effects for their own computer. Luckily for the rest of us, many of them then make the visual styles available for free download. These are the theme packages you’re looking for.

Are they easy to install? The answer to that question is yes (most of the time). You don’t really install the themes, but you download a compressed (.zip) file, decompress it, and simply move the theme to your Themes folder in the path Windows/Resources/Themes/. Then use control panel to choose the theme you would like to use. This makes it easy to switch between various themes as often as your heart desires. It’s not always quite this easy however. To keep it simple, XP users should download Windows XP themes and Vista users should use Vista Thmes. You can however use themes made for Vista with the XP operating system. This only requires the additional step of installing a patch. These patches are safe and only need to be installed once. Windows XP users now have a very wide range of free themes they can download and enjoy.

How many style are there to choose from? That list is very long. With all the free styles available, you’re sure to find one that fits your personality. Some of the categories include gaming themes (make your computer look like the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360); Nature themes (add beautiful colors and wonders of nature like forests, deserts, and even space); Cool themes (you’d be surprised what some of these designers come up with and I’m sure you’ll be quite amazed if you haven’t seen them before).

All sites are Not created equal. Various sites have different themes. If you want to download free Windows themes, you need a trusted site that is easy to navigate; has a wide selection of safe downloads to choose from; is well categorized; and most importantly gives you a full preview of each theme, so you know exactly what you’re getting before you download. There’s only one site that offers everything in that list and much more, so head on over and start downloading your free Windows Themes now.

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