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License: Open Source

Azureus implements the BitTorrent protocol using java language and comes bundled with many invaluable features for both beginners and advanced users:
- Multiple torrent downloads
- Upload and download speed limiting, both globally and per torrent
- Advanced seeding rules
- Adjustable disk cache
- Only uses one port for all the torrents
- UPnP sets the forward on your router
- Can use a proxy, for both tracker and peer communications
- Fast resume
- Can set a default download dir and move completed files
- Can import torrents automatically from a set dir
- Highly customizable interface
- IRC plugin included for quick help
- Embedded tracker, host your own torrents, automate your shares (periodic scanning of a dir)…
- Distributed Hash Table: host on it a completely decentralised torrent and/or benefit from it when the tracker is offline.

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  1. rizekt Says:


  2. jt Says:

    Version is out of date.

  3. Juan Valdez Says:

    If I had the skill, I’d update a few of these. Also of promise is the WPI thing, at

    I’m just glad I’ve got a fully up to date office 2007 and XP install DVD images, at this point. Still learning, thanks to all the contributors.

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