AlienGUIse 2.3

MD5: D6666A3FEAD39C260B83167D2EDD40D7
Information: website
Size: 37.97 MB
MediaFire: Download
License: Freeware

AlienGUIse Theme Manager is powered by MyColors technology from Stardock and dramatically transforms the appearance of your Microsoft Windows operating system into a truly unique display, and features exclusive Alienware-centered skins like, Invader, Darkstar, ALXMorph, and the new Xenomorph. These sleek and stylish Alienware skins vividly alter the appearance of desktop features such as your icons, wallpaper, and Windows Media Player.

AlienGUIse 2.3

2 Responses to “AlienGUIse 2.3”

  1. Master Says:

    the skins for media player are missing
    can someone make a addon from this 4 skins and screensaver

  2. xxx Says:

    thanks i try it

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