10 Things The Average Guy Doesn’t Know About Skype

1. Tired of Google toolbars and downloading bloated installers? Get the Skype business version. Skype business version is about two times smaller than Skype (the original version) and doesn’t include toolbars or other annoyances.

2. Speak with your friends even without a microphone. If your microphone is broken you can use your headphones. Just make sure the headphones are plugged into the microphone jack of your sound card. Now speak in the headphones and listen from your Hi-Fi system.

3. Being visible in your friend’s contact lists. Go to File | Edit My Profile… in the Full Name column put your name between bars (|My Name|). Now you’re on top, baby!

4. Drag and Drop. You can drag and drop people between your contact list and chats, or between chats. Want to add someone from your contact list to a chat? Just drag him from the contact list to an existing chat. Same thing applies to file transfers. Just drag and drop the files to an existing chat.

5. Some of the emoticons are hidden. Some of the available emoticons are hidden and you can use them only if you write down their code. Here you will find all hidden skype emoticons and much more.

6. Add clickable Skype links in chats, blogs… anywhere!
Just copy/paste the following code and replace the username with the actual one:
Call someone on Skype: http://tduri.com/s-username
Add someone to your contact list: http://tduri.com/sa-username
Begin a text chat with someone: http://tduri.com/st-username
View someone’s Skype user info: http://tduri.com/su-username

7. You can use Skype remotely. Chat with your Skype buddies from anywhere on your mobile phone, make and receive Skype calls easily, and see who’s available with realtime status updates. All you need is EQO Mobile for Skype.

8. Skype does support plugins. You can download many of them to greatly extend Skype’s functionality.

9. Skype reads out BIOS data. It is not yet clear what the Skype software does with the data, which may contain, among other things, the motherboard serial number. Change your motherboard every now and then :D

10. The Supernode Mode they don’t want you to know. In supernode mode, Skype is reputedly able to saturate 100Mbit/s connections. Many universities with high-speed connections often ban Skype usage because of this. Run TCPView and see how Skype starts up a large number of TCP and UDP connections. To avoid a computer from being used as a supernode, just put a firewall in place. A typical Windows XP computer with a firewall running will make the machine not directly visible to the outside world and thus it will never become a supernode.

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